Gabi (Gabrielle) Freitag

  • Managing Director, BizEducation Pty Ltd
  • Diploma of Teaching. Monash University
  • Bachelor of Education. Deakin University
  • Victorian Institute of Teaching. Current, Full Member

Profile Summary

Prior to 1985, Gabi operated and managed the family ‘Danewood Park’ breeding horse stud on the Mornington Peninsula for New Forest ponies.

Gabi attended university and after graduating with her degree in 1990 commenced her rewarding Primary School teaching career focused on the area of special education.  Through her own business arm ‘Read the Write Way’ Gabi provided one-on-one and small groups style tuition both privately at the office of BizEducation and selected public and private schools on the Mornington Peninsula.  Gabi was able to fulfil a much-needed professional and caring environment for children with severe to moderate learning difficulties from Grade 1 through to Grade 6. This extended to becoming involved as an associate with the Australian Dyslexic Association, member of SPELD and a committee member of several organizations involved in assisting children and adults with learning difficulties.

Some twenty-five years ago while continuing to run the family horse breeding program, Gabi also operated her own debt collection agency ‘Peninsula Professional Credit Services’, where she even managed to author a hands-on self-help publication 'Bad Debt Prevention'.

Since having teamed up with Rick late in 1996, Gabi has provided very dedicated and behind the scenes support for their combined understanding of the needs for the bookkeeping industry.  In 2007, BizEducation Pty Ltd was started with her role as the Managing Director. Gabi has been invaluable in helping Rick organize and fund hundreds of free small workshops and seminars that have attracted well over 6,000 attendees. On the Mornington Peninsula these have extended to Self-Employed Bookkeepers, Accounting-Professionals, plus special end-of-financial-year public Bookkeeper seminars.

The last couple of years Gabi has focused on helping Rick research up-to-date information for the Toolkit section of their self-sponsored website.